Basic elements

word picture mark

The word/image mark is only displayed in white or black. The word mark is always shown together with the picture mark.

To ensure the uniqueness and high quality of the mark, it may only be used in the versions documented here. The signet may not be copied under any circumstances. 

The black version may only be used in this form on light backgrounds and may not be placed on dark surfaces to ensure good visibility and legibility. For placement on dark backgrounds, the negative version with white lettering must be used.

Sizes, scaling and placement

The minimum width of the signet is 25 mm in print and 250 px on the web. From this size, the signet is freely scalable. If the signet has to be displayed smaller for certain reasons, a special form is defined for this purpose.

Modification of the signet by compression, stretching or rotation is generally not permitted. The application on pictures is only possible if a calm background in the area of the signet is ensured. Changing colors or the individual elements in the signet is also not permitted.

Layout elements

The logo is reminiscent of a fingerprint. The upper part of the emblem represents organic and biological growth. The lower part visualizes soil, the base on which our ideas bear fruit.

The design elements consist of the elements of the figurative mark. They can be used to support the appearance. Recoloring the elements outside the defined colors of the corporate design or changing the individual elements is not allowed.


Our colors are used equally. The new green is powerful, fresh and attention-grabbing. It is complemented by the symbolic colors of the elements: Beige-brown for the earth, blue for the depth of the water and the heights of the sky. A color spectrum that combines business and sustainability.


The font “Fellix” is drawn clearly and precisely – nothing should distract from the important content of our work. We confidently write ourselves small in the new logo – we don’t overestimate ourselves and instead believe in the greatness of our ideas. This is how a simple font becomes a meaningful image.

Modern house font – Fellix

Unique uses the typeface Fellix in the cuts Light and Bold for the corporate appearance. The Fellix Bold is used for awards and headlines, the Light cut is used in body text.

Additional font – Century Gothic

The Microsoft system font Century Gothic in Regular and Bold font styles supplements the house font if it cannot be used for technical or licensing reasons.