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Unique Wood Paraguay S.A.

At UNIQUE Wood Paraguay S.A. we have been working to build a sustainable and successful forest sector since almost 20 years. Our objective is the enhancement of forest resources through the development and implementation of cost-effective models of forest production which simultaneously generate positive social and environmental impacts. We offer our customers technical project management and forestry consulting services based on the latest technical advances.

UNIQUE Wood was founded in 2001 by Paraguayan and German professionals and is part of the UNIQUE Group. Since its founding in 1998, the UNIQUE Group has been growing and expanding its experience with the successful completion of over 700 projects in the field of land use in over 70 different countries.

Our services


We implement afforestation and reforestation projects and manage forest plantations based on technically sound criteria and on FSC® standards. Currently, we realize the technical management of two reforestation projects. One for PAYCO (FSC® C117138) with a planned production area of 13,500 ha in the eastern region, and another one for Forestal Azul (FSC® C141437) on an area of almost 2,000 ha. Within this framework, we cooperate with the livestock sector for the implementation of silvopastoral systems.

Management of natural forests

We manage native forests under the principles of sustainability, generating income while preserving and restoring forest resources. For over 10 years we have been managing 5,580 ha in the Upper Parana Atlantic Forest through our joint venture company ForCerPa. ForCerPa is notable for being the first company to operate under the FSC® standard in Paraguay.

Consulting services

Our multidisciplinary team provides the following services: Feasibility studies and technical proposals for afforestation, reforestation projects and for the management of native forests; Support services for obtaining management and value chain certificates (FSC®, PEFC); National and international timber market studies; Preparation of management plans and management of permits necessary for the implementation of forestry projects.

Our team

Rafael Ortiz

Managing Director

Horacio Miranda

Chief Financial Officer

Alberto Molinas

Head of timber sales

Laura Cuevas

Head of Administration

Andrea Eisenhut


César Paredes

Timber sales

Rodrigo Aguilar

Head of livestock production
Forestal Azul S.A.

Alvaro Ramírez

Head of forestry production

Diana Quiroz

Head of forestry production

Wilson Fleitas

Head of forestry production

Jorge Galeano

Head of Forestry Production

Diego Sosa

Head of forestry production

Mirtha Añazco

Head of industrial charcoal production

Giannina Alvarez

Forest planning and monitoring

Nelson Roa

Forestry production supervisor

Ismael Rojas

Forestry production supervisor

Hugo Gómez

Head of forestry production

Arnaldo Cabrera

Forestry production supervisor

Gualberto Arce

Forestry Production Supervisor

Gladys Núñez

Community Liaison Officer

Pamela Cañiza


Rodrigo Martínez


UNIQUE in Sustainability

See our latest sustainabilty reports regarding Payco’s forestry project.

Our References

Environmental, social and economic strengthening of the Private Nature Reserve Ypetĩ (RNPY) and its buffer zone.


The FCBT is seeking to promote sustainable forestry strategies for the conservation of the natural resources within the Private Nature Reserve Ypetĩ (RNPY), and in the southern corridor of the Paraguayan Atlantic Forest located in the Alto Paraná watershed. UNIQUE Wood, in cooperation with the Rural Association of Paraguay and PAYCO, executes the project through planning, implementation and monitoring of the following activities: i) encourage the sustainable production of yerba mate in the area allocated for traditional use of the RNPY, occupied by indigenous communities; ii) foster natural regeneration and monitoring of forest restoration in the area allocated for sustainable use; and iii) support small producers located in the buffer zone of the RNPY to establish reforestation with native and introduced species for the purpose of obtaining wood and timber products.

Tropical Forest Conservation Fund (FCBT)

Rural Association of Paraguay and PAYCO


Long-term implementation of sustainable forestry models and silvopastoral systems in the estancia Rodeo Guazú


Forestal Azul S.A. is investing in a sustainable forestry project involving different land uses in the estancia Rodeo Guazu located in the District of San Pedro, on 2,309 ha. The project will involve pure forest plantations with eucalypt species, silvopastoral systems and intensive enrichment planting on degraded natural forests with the aim of long-term restoration. On lowlands, extensive cattle grazing will be conducted for beef production. UNIQUE is assisting Forestal Azul with the planning, implementation and long-term operative management, monitoring and FSC® certification of the forestry production systems.

Forestal Azul S.A. (private investors in cooperation with UNIQUE)


Consortium Forcerpa

Management of natural forests

The Consortium Forcerpa is currently in charge of the sustainable management of 5.580 ha of native forests in the humid eastern region of Paraguay (Department Caazapa. Since 2004 ForCerPa works under the standards of FSC® C009811. The Consortium ForCerPa was formed in 2002 a “Joint Venture” enterprise between Unique Wood Paraguay S.A. and Sociedad Agrícola Golondrina S.A. The Sociedad Agrícola Golondrina (SAGSA) is the owner of the forest. With the introduction of the mobile saw there is an increase on the precision of the cut and also an important increase in the production yield. The sales of wood are local and international according to the demand of the customers.

Grupo Espiritu Santo

5.580 ha

Since 2003

Reforestation with Eucalyptus spec. for PAYCO


We are responsible for the technical and operative management of a reforestation project for biomass and quality timber on different landholdings in eastern Paraguay. Overall goal is to establish 13,500 ha of Eucalyptus plantations, mostly under silvopastoral systems in cooperation with the cattle sector. By the end of 2017 afforested land sums up to almost 8,000 ha. A monitoring system has been established for supervision planting, as well as broad social and environmental activities. The reforestation project is conducted according to the principles and criteria of FSC®  C117138; certificate obtained in 2014.

PAYCO, Rancho 068, Ocampo Cue

About 8,000 ha by the end of 2017

Since 2011

Reforestation with Eucalyptus spp., Grevillea robusta, Melia azederach


We were responsible for the technical and operational management of several reforestation projects in the Oriental Region. We also provided support and technical advice to many plantations.

Riquelme, Agroganadera Rhoedel, Rafael del Puerto


Since 2003

Forest Management Plan and certification for environmental services


The aim of the project is the sustainable management of forest resources (2.587ha) of a property that belongs to the Ache Guajaki and certification of forestry resource that exceeds established by law for marketing and bonds. The property has 4.600ha, adjoins the Mbaracayu Reserve.
The products of this project are the Forest Management Plan, a manual on integrated management of the forest resource, participatory workshops and training to indigenous, and certification for environmental services.


Forest Management Plan. Technical and economic analysis Kuarajhy Retâ and Los Ceibos


It was presented a Forest Management Plan as a Model of Sustainable Forestry and replicable for the Western Region (Chaco) made for two properties in the Department of Alto Paraguay. The implementation of the Forest Management Plan as a pilot model was sought by presenting the analysis of the cost-benefit ratio. Both properties, Kuarahy Retã and Los Ceibos, are located in Agua Dulce, 850Km from Asuncion city, in Bahía Negra District, Department of Alto Paraguay.

The total area of the Kuarahy Retã property is 21.000ha, of which the area under management is 2.940ha.
The total area of Los Ceibos property is 13.401,96ha, of which the area under management is 6.497ha.

WCS – Paraguay

Forest Management Plan. Technical and economic analysis Karaja Vuelta


Karaja Vuelta property is located in the department of Presidente Hayes, 40Km from the city of Concepción.
We want to implement a management plan for the sustainable use of native species that characterize this region. The property has direct output to the Paraguay River, which facilitates the transport of wood harvested and reduces freight costs, without compromising the ecological and cultural forest functions.
For this we did a forest inventory in the area of productive forest, to estimate the volume of wood and the relation cost-benefit of implementing a forest management plan for the forest studied (3.300ha).

Antenor Ruffinelli

Business Case Development for Forest Rehabilitation and REDD+ in Paraguay

Paraguay has experienced one of the highest rates of deforestation and forest degradation in South America over the last several decades, mainly due to agricultural expansion. Reducing emissions from deforestation and forest degradation through sustainable forest management is imperative to maintain remaining forests, as well as to reduce emissions and preserve the livelihoods of forest-dependent communities, including many indigenous groups. This shared concern motivated the cooperation between UNIQUE, WWF and DEG for the identification of successful forestry production models for Paraguay that may be integrated under the REDD+ framework. You will find the main results of this joint project in this compilation of reports.

Mecanismo de REDD+ y el financiamiento del carbono

Catálogo de modelos de producción forestal para medianos y grandes productores

Opciones de inversión forestal compatible con REDD+

Catálogo de modelos de producción forestal para pequeños productores

Lecciones aprendidas mediante el involucramiento de comunidades campesinas e indígenas